Windows & Doors, Stinless Steel Staircase & Balustrade, Persianas, Showers etc.. on a new build

Windows & Doors, Stinless Steel Staircase & Balustrade, Persianas, Showers etc.. on a new build
Windows & Doors Spain, Windows & Doors Mijas Costa, Windows & Doors Puerta BanusNEW BUILD VILLA
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Showers Spain, Showers Mijas Costa, Showers Costa Del Sol, Showers GibraltarShowers in new build villa
Persianas Spain, Persianas Mijas Costa, Persianas Costa Del Sol, Persianas marbella, Persianas Puerto Banus, Persianas GibraltarPersianas (Blinds)
New Build Windows & Doors Spain, New Build Windows & Doors Mijas Costa, New Build Windows & Doors Costa Del Sol, New Build Windows & Doors Gibraltar, New Build Windows & Doors Puerto Banus, New Build Windows & Doors Marbella, New Build Windows & Doors SotograndeNew Modern design Windows & Doors
Lift & Glide Soain, Lift & Glide Mijas Costa, Lift & Glide Costa Del Sol, Glass Vurtains Spain, Glass Curtains Mijas Costa, Glass Curtains Costa Del Sol, Lift & Glide Gibraltar, Glass Curtains GibraltarLarge Windows & doors
Thermal Double Glaing Spain, Thermal Double Glaing Mijas Costa, Thermal Double Glaing Costa Del Sol, Thermal Double Glaing Gibraltar, Thermal Double Glaing Marbella, Thermal Double Glaing Puerto Banus, Thermal Double Glaing SotograndeLarge Strong Windbreaks
Windows & Doors Costa Del Sol, Windows & Doors Gibraltar, Windows & Doors Sotogrande, Windows & Doors Marbella, Windows & Doors RDMC'S Glass Manufacturers Sl, Windows & Doors RDMC'SLarge Picture windows
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Stainless Steel Staircase Spain, Stainless Steel Staircase Mijas Costa, Stainless Steel Staircase Costa Del Sol, Stainless Steel Staircase Gibraltar STAINLESS STEEL STAIRS WITH WOODEN SLATS


These are the pictures of a new build villa that RDMC’S were a big part of, we manufactured and installed all the Windows & Doors, We Designed, manufactured and fitted the Stainless Steel staircase fitted with wooden slats, also the large Persianas were supplied and fitted, and the showers and Stainless Steel and Glass Balustrade were all manufactured and fitted by RDMC’S. We think that the results are reflected in these pictures. The manufacture and fitting was not easy on this particular installation due to the large picture windows that were required, these large Windows & Doors and all manufactured with a lift and glide system making them smooth, easy and efficient to use. The staircase was designed using 316 marine grade stainless steel as the main central structure and then fitted with wooden slats and glass and stainless balustrading down the sides, the effect I think you would agree is quite stunning, RDMC’S also manufactured all of the showers in this property and also manufactured and installed large windbreaks to the outside of the building. All of the materials that have been used are of a very high standard, also the glass consisting of thermal properties to meet with all the regulations required in a new build for resale. RDMC’S can help you with any information you need with New Builds including IVA (0% on a new build for resale, 10% on a new build to live in).


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